Struggling with your puppy?

Puppy training doesn’t have to be frustrating. It is actually so much easier than you think.

Having the right plan is the difference.

With thousands of puppies successfully trained, we have this art down to a science.


Combine my online puppy training course and in-home training for maximum results and convenience!

Put the Champion Puppy Training System to Work for You

Pat Quinn, the Founder of the Champion Puppy Training System, answers the questions you probably have in this Intro Video.

  • Learn a daily management plan for your puppy that will make your life together better and easier
  • Stop battling with your puppy’s inappropriate behavior and channel its energy to obtain useful life skills
  • Gain control and your puppy’s focus immediately

What You’ll Learn

My on-line training program combined with me live and direct from your door step brings vital information to you and your household at the click of a button.  My approach is unlike any other you are familiar with and so are the results.  I teach you how to be a forward thinking owner that understands their puppy.  Together we will tap into the core of what drives your puppy.  I’ll show you how to put your puppy’s energy and demands to work for you.

My course is specifically tailored to accountable owners who value having a deeper relationship with their dog.  You’ll learn through engaging short videos, webinars, and easy to implement instruction.


  • People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.  Quit spinning your wheels; take a step back and move forward with a new approach together.
  • We will cover potty training, crate training, feeding, chewing and many other concepts.


  • Now that your puppy is natually managed and motivated, training is the easy part.  Our primary mode of training is through play.
  • You’re already playing with your puppy.  Why not do life transforming training while you’re at it?


99% of puppy trainers skip over this step. Their clients end up with dogs only responding with food bribes or fear of reprimand.  You will learn what motivates your puppy at aprimallevel which will provide a base to springboard your puppy’s training to the next level.

Behavior Modification

Our play based obedience model of training lends itself 100 percent to the behavioral aspects of puppy training.  That means you can teach your puppy to: stop biting, jumping, pulling on the leash and chewing all though play!

Want To Reach Your Puppy’s Potential?

Your Puppy Is An Adult Dog In The Making

Shouldn’t I Enroll My Puppy In A Traditional Class?

The answer is Yes.  That is if you want traditional puppy class results.

For decades these dog training classes have let owners down.  Why squander your precious time and money for traditional puppy classes?  The majority of puppy training classes available skimp on how to change the dog behaviors that define your dog’s overall personality.

Everything That You Need is at Your Finger Tips.

There are no short cuts in life or in great puppy training.  Anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally. 

Think outside the box and do more than go through the motions with your puppy. Your life will be easier and your puppy’s life will be better for it.

  • The relief is immediate and the benefits last a life time.
  • I have successfully trained over 100 puppies in my house with two toddlers and other full time duties.
  • Thousands of puppies have been trained through their owners using the Champion Puppy Training System in their own homes.
  • You don’t have to struggle by yourself or settle for mediocrity.

Think Outside The Big Box Stores


Maybe you have an intense life-style? Maybe you are very mindful of how you spend your time?Everything you need to raise the best trained dog in the neighborhood is right at your fingertips.

Real Results

Paying money and showing up to class does not guarantee results. Taking this course and implementing this tried and true system does.

Thoughtful Approach

Our approach is thought-out, logical and fun.  Your puppy will not just be trained, but a relationship will be built, creating harmony between your life and your puppy’s.


We are 100 percent committed to your success. We are so confident in the Champion Puppy Training System we offer ongoing support through our weekly webinars.

Failure is not an option

If You Are Ready To See This Through, We Are Too

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